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N° 74 - 5/21/2019

Overlooking the gulf of Naples, the museum contains a unique collection of historical railway carriages and locomotives.

#paints #historical #renovation


N° 72 - 2/18/2019

After being severely damaged by the earthquake that hit Central Italy two years ago, this cathedral underwent seismic upgrading work.

#historical #strengthening


N° 72 - 3/6/2019

Work started this year on the conservative restoration of this monument dedicated to the soldiers who fell in the Great War.

#urbandesign #mixdesign #historical


N° 70 - 8/23/2018

Well aware of the need to preserve this world-famous symbol, Venice City Council decided to restore Rialto Bridge with an intervention to protect the structure from further deterioration while maintaining its functionality and its undeniable…

#citycentres #infrastructures #bridges #repair #historical


N° 68 - 5/28/2018

Palazzo Belmonte Riso (Belmonte Riso Palace) is one of the most important and monumental buildings in the old part of Palermo and overlooks Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza Bologni. It was built at the end of the eighteenth century by the Princes…

#historical #renovation

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