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N° 70 - 23/08/2018

Well aware of the need to preserve this world-famous symbol, Venice City Council decided to restore Rialto Bridge with an intervention to protect the structure from further deterioration while maintaining its functionality and its undeniable...

#citycentres #infrastructures #bridges #repair #historical


N° 67 - 03/04/2018

The story of the Di Leo biscuit manufacturing facility started more than 150 years ago, in 1860, when the Di Leo bakery was founded in Altamura (Southern Italy), with the intention to just bake bread made by the local families. In the 1930’s they...

#industrial #seamless #repair #renovation


N° 65 - 02/11/2017

The Saint Petersburg Stadium is an innovative modern football stadium built in St. Petersburg to be the home of the FC Zenit soccer team and to host international events, such as the 2017 FIFA Confederation Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Since...

#stadiums #substrates #repair


N° 65 - 22/11/2017

100 years after its inauguration in 1912, the Apollo Theatre was reborn: after being shut down in the 1980'8, this gem could not shine in glamour anymore until the local council issued a tender in 2007 to save it. Mapei was on the spot, giving its...

#strengthening #repair #renovation #substrates #wood


N° 64 - 21/09/2017

The house of one of main exponents of Spanish Modernism architecture has been restored, After years of neglect, this monument of national interest started a new life. The battlements, which were part of the decorative structural elements have been...

#repair #masonry

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