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Social responsability

N° 72 - 28/12/2018

The 2017 Sustainability Report has now been published.

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The expert's opinion

N° 72 - 25/02/2019

Insight on returned concrete: from waste to resource thanks to RE-CON ZERO EVO by Mapei.

#sustainability #mixdesign #infrastructures


N° 69 - 20/08/2018

A businesswoman in finance and telecommunications, Letizia Brichetto Arnaboldi Moratti was the first woman to be the head of RAI Italian State Broadcasting Company (1994-1996). She was the Italian Minister of Education, University and Scientific...

#insights #vision #sustainability


N° 66 - 04/01/2018

As part of a communications policy based around increasing openness and transparency towards its stakeholders, Mapei SpA, the Group's mother company, is now, unsurprisingly, publishing its first Sustainability Report. This important paper is...

#sustainability #infoclips


N° 65 - 31/10/2017

We spend around 80 to 90% of our time in closed environments, that's why the quality of internal air is so important. Constant research and testing in this direction are needed to guarantee our wellbeing. Mapei carried out some tests to certified...

#sustainability #research #infoclips

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