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Starting 1st January 2021, MBP (NZ) Limited - a Mapei group company, will be the sole approved distributor of Mapei products in New Zealand. This change is a result of a recent review by Mapei SpA regarding the ownership structure of its distribution and operations in New Zealand.

Mapei New Zealand Ltd sold its business and assets to MBP (NZ) Limited. You will be able to get the same MAPEI and POLYGLASS products, warranties, training, and the same level of service and support that you have come to expect from your existing representative, who will be joining the MBP (NZ) Ltd business.


Our Values

MBP’s values can be represented by these key areas.


As part of the larger MAPEI group, the selection of quality raw materials and sustainable chemical products plays a key role in our mission to improve the quality of people’s lives from the specifiers to applicators and end-users.


Not only represents the industry that we are in but also represents the attitude of constantly building reliability, building expertise, and building people.


We aim to play a key role in improving the quality of people’s lives by using only sustainable materials for the building industry.

These are the values we share with the market, our customers, our suppliers, and all the people and organisations we collaborate with.





Mapei Auckland Warehouse

MAPEI in Aotearoa, New Zealand

In 1937, Rodolfo Squinzi founded M.A.P.E.I. which is an abbreviation for Materiali Ausiliari Per Edilizia e Industria (Auxiliary Materials For Building and Industry). The group is still operated by the Squinzi family to this day.


MAPEI products have been available to customers in New Zealand since 2002 and will continue to be available together with technical assistance as part of our long term goal.


Through its distributor, MBP (NZ) Ltd., MAPEI supplies customers in New Zealand with products for flooring and laying of tiles, carpets, vinyl, timber, car parks, sports flooring, public tracks, and other industrial floors. Aside from waterproofing under tiles, MAPEI also supplies systems and solutions for waterproofing roofs, decks, and for below-ground tanking.


Building Aotearoa

MAPEI's New Zealand distributor, MBP (NZ) Ltd., has branches in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.


We aim to provide MAPEI products to all the projects from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island and even to Fiji. Our three-pronged approach is to offer quality products, provide excellent service, and have sustainability as top of mind. 


For our customer's peace of mind, we have BRANZ Appraisals for our waterproofing products.







Why has this change taken place?

Mapei New Zealand’s parent company has undertaken a review of the group’s operations and has decided to restructure its New Zealand business. As a result, MBP (NZ) Ltd, a new Mapei group company which sits under Mapei’s Asia Pacific division, will be the new sole distributor in New Zealand.  This decision has been taken by Mapei SpA to align with changes to the business within the Asia Pacific region.


How does this affect invoice payment?

As MBP (NZ) Ltd. is a new and completely separate legal entity to Mapei New Zealand, you will need to update your records so that from 1 January 2021 you make payments to MBP (NZ) Ltd. and not Mapei New Zealand. You will also need to sign new contracts with MBP (NZ) Ltd.


How will it affect warranties?

Mapei SpA will be focused on preserving its brand and reputation with its customers. MBP (NZ) Ltd., on behalf of Mapei, will be available to provide any ongoing Mapei product support you may need. Any warranty claims in relation to products supplied by Mapei New Zealand should continue to be made through Mapei New Zealand.


What will happen with credit accounts?

These have been purchased by MBP (NZ) Limited. From 1 January 2021, all outstanding balances should be paid to MBP (NZ) Limited as they fall due.


Will this affect product pricing?

No this will not affect product pricing. Pricing will be reviewed in March/April of 2021 in line with the standard annual price review.


Who are outstanding invoices paid to?

From 1 January 2021, all outstanding monies owed to Mapei New Zealand are to be paid to MBP (NZ) Ltd.


What will happen to Mapei New Zealand?

Mapei New Zealand will be a dormant company once the sales process to MBP (NZ) Limited is completed.


Is MAPEI doing this because the New Zealand business is not profitable?

No, the decision to restructure Mapei’s New Zealand operations is not based on profitability. Mapei has considered all relevant factors and has determined that the restructure of its New Zealand operations is in the best interests of all affected stakeholders. Under the revised governance structure, MBP will report into Mapei’s Asia Pacific division which will enable MBP to collaborate with Mapei’s other distributors within the Asia Pacific region and be more responsive to the New Zealand market.


Is this the first step toward MAPEI closing its business in New Zealand?

No, Mapei has no intention to exit the New Zealand market.  In fact, MBP has been established to ensure the ongoing success of Mapei’s New Zealand operations.


Why should I ‘invest’ my time and resources in MBP NZ?

The Mapei Group has an established history in New Zealand, and your relationship and business with Mapei is important to us. This restructuring is an administrative change only and you should expect to deal with the same people, and receive the same products and services as you have always done.

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Please direct to enquiries@MBPLtd.co.nz 



MAPEI Products Distributed in NZ by MBP (NZ) Limited.

From residential buildings to hotels, shopping centres, bridges, utilities, tunnels
and other infrastructure, MBP (NZ) Limited provides bespoke Mapei, Polyglass
and other Mapei group products and systems that exceed the expectations of
even the most challenging of projects to building Aotearoa.


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Family values woven into those of the company, courage, intuition, research, innovation and new ideas are our heritage.
Giorgio Squinzi

To guarantee the world a future with low environmental impact is one of our objectives


We have been awarded rigorous certification in compliance with stringent international standards



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