Mapei's Primer CC 200 Solves the Oil or Grease Contaminated Floor Problem

December 18, 2019

When Mapei New Zealand wanted to showcase the effectiveness of the Primer CC 200, its new industrial floor primer for oil, grease and fuel contaminated floors, we figured we needed to find the gnarliest substrate we could, to really prove its effectiveness and potential.

Therefore, when one of our specialist concrete preparation customers approached us with an opportunity to provide a solution for a floor that everybody else had walked away from, we jumped at the opportunity.

The floor in question was a mechanics workshop that had never previously been coated with a resin coating and had been accumulating layers of oil, grease, fuels and other contaminants for over 40 years. Every other contractor had walked away from the opportunity thinking that there was no option for coating such a deeply contaminated substrate.After initial inspection, the team at Mapei decided that if we are going to prove the Primer CC 200's effectiveness on such a contaminated floor, why not go the full hog and find the worst area in the facility? Well that is exactly what we did, with the area selected being directly under the two Mobil oil barrels where daily decanting of different types of oils has been taking place over many years with the invariable spillages on the surrounding concrete. This area was so highly contaminated that even a good wire brush could not break through the buildup of years of contamination.

Now that the area for testing had been selected, the concrete preparation experts ground the concrete back to remove the top layer of grease and oil and establish clean concrete. This was followed by spraying a film of water to the freshly ground surface to mitigate the capillary rise of the years of residual oil remaining in the substrate, before applying a coat of Primer CC 200.

The test area was left in situ for a week before a pull of test was performed to ascertain if the sample had indeed adhered to such an exceedingly contaminated substrate. A pull off result of 2.59 N/mm2, far in excess of the 1.5 N/mm2 minimum adhesion required for standard epoxy primers on non contaminated substrates, conclusively proved that the Primer CC 200 lives up to its billing, even in the most severe circumstances.

The Primer CC 200 oil contamination primer improves the adhesion of resin and cementitious coatings to surfaces that have previously been contaminated with mineral oils, lubricants, fuels, saline solutions, effluent water and other contaminants that cannot easily be cleaned. It provides an effective membrane between the oil soaked in a concrete substrate and your newly coated resin surface above. Due to its special formulation, Primer CC 200 acts as a barrier to stop oil capillary rise.
primer cc 200

The Primer CC 200 is solvent free and therefore has almost no odour making it more pleasant to apply for installers and not invasive to surrounding workers. It’s low viscosity also makes it easy to spread across concrete floors and it even adheres to damp surfaces.

Everything is OK, with Mapei!


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