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June 30, 2024

With the recent addition of AS/1 and AS/2 Alternative Solution to E3 Internal Moisture, there is now a requirement to install a waterproofing membrane under not only tiles but other top cover flooring categories such as LVT, hybrid, Laminate and Engineered Timber.

If your floor covering isn’t impervious and easy to clean and can pass AS/2 as an alternative solution, there is a requirement to install a membrane under the flooring. As an example, in a kitchen the waterproofing will need to be installed a minimum of a 1.5 meter radius from the water source. 

Mapei products for the application in an internal wet areas include Mapelastic AquaDefense and Mapegum WPS which are synthetic resin based one-component water dispersion membranes. These types of membranes do not re-emulsify once cured. Mapelastic Smart is a two-component cementitious based membrane that has full tanking capabilities and is the recommended membrane for installation over composite timber substrates, including acoustic underlayment. 

The key to a watertight and long service waterproofing installation is all in the detail. This is why Mapei manufacture and supply waterproof tapes as part of the waterproofing system. These waterproofing tapes are essential system components used in the critical stress areas of the waterproofing installation, such as the wall/floor junctions, expansion joints, and any other change in plane. Mapeband SA is a butyl-based peel and stick tape has an elongation at breaking point of over 480%, while Mapeband Easy is a rubber-based tape with an elongation at breaking point of over 300%. As you can see these waterproof tapes are capable of being put under an enormous amount or stress that will exceed any normal building substrate movement.

Mapei also has also developed systems for a second line of defence for waterproofing under sheet vinyl in wet areas that are installed in high use hospital and aged care wet room applications.

Mapei waterproofing systems are backed up with BRANZ Appraisals and can be specified in Masterspec, Smart Spec and through contacting a local Mapei representative for a project specific specification. Mapei can also provide documentation for Living Building Challenge and Green Star projects through our LEED V4.1 Certification. 

Mapei has over 87 years of experience manufacturing and supplying waterproofing products to the international building industry. These systems are built to protect an internal substrate from the ingress of moisture which can cause potential failure of the substrate.  Mapei also train applicators in the use of our waterproofing systems to make sure the products are being installed correctly.  If you require assistance with a project specification, documentation to meet a Green Star or Living Building Challenge project or want to become a trained Mapei water proofer please get in touch.


For E3 Technical contact: 
Ian Williams, Technical Sales Representative - Nationwide
+64 29 295 0505 or i.williams@MBPLtd.co.nz

Jennifer Price, National Product Manager - Ceramic and Resilient Line
+64 29 279 9700 or jennifer.price@MBPLtd.co.nz

For general enquiries:
Email: enquiries@MBPLtd.co.nz

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