Shrinkage compensated, super flow micro-concrete for grouting gaps with thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 250mm.

Application examples:

  • structural reinstatement of reinforced concrete beams and pillars
  • restoring the lower flanges of pre-stressed concrete beams of viaducts
  • reinstatement of floor beams and slabs after scarification of deteriorated areas
  • restoring concrete floors (industrial, road and airport)
  • grouting of machine base plates, bridge bearing

Once mixed with water becomes a fluid mortar suitable for pouring into formwork without separation of the aggregates even when forming high thicknesses.

Once cured has the following qualities:

  • very high flexural and compressive strength
  • modulus of elasticity and co-efficients of thermal expansions and permeability to water vapour similar to those of high-quality concrete
  • waterproof
  • high adhesion to old concrete
  • high resistance to wear due to abrasion

Packaging:   25kg bag

Related documentation

Technical data sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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