One-component, aliphatic polyurethane binder for decorative open-pore floors made with natural open-pore aggregates.

Colour of mix: transparent.
Consistency of mix: fluid.
Workability time: 70 minutes.
Complete set to light foot traffic time: 48 hours.
Application temperature range: from +8°C to +30°C.
Binder/inert consumption: 1:20.
Compressive strength after 7 days at +23°C (EN 196-1): 12.47 N/mm².
Flexural strength after 7 days at +23°C (EN 196-1): 5.19 N/mm².
Storage: 12 months in its original sealed packaging.
Application: rake, straight-edge, smooth trowel and mechanical vibro-compactor.
Consumption: 1 kg/m² per cm of thickness.
Packaging: 5 kg drums.

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