Medium viscosity epoxy resin for impregnation with MapeWrap "dry system".
MapeWrap 31 is a two-component solvent-free paste product based on epoxy resins, especially formulated for the impregnation, during application, using the dry system of MapeWrap fabric.
Pour part B into part A and mix with a drill fitted with a stirrer until the resin is completely even.
Mixing ratio: 4 parts by weight of part A and 1 part by weight of part B. After mixing, the product remains workable for approximately 40 minutes at 23°C.
MapeWrap 31 must be applied directly onto the still fresh MapeWrap 11 or MapeWrap 12 with a brush or short-haired roller.
The fabric must then be placed over the concrete element that needs to be repaired or reinforced, without leaving any wrinkles.

from 0.1 to 1.8 kg/m depending on the type of impregnated fabric.

2.5 kg (A B);
5 kg (A B).

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