Balanced high strength bidirectional carbon fibre fabric.
MapeWrap C BI-AX is a bidirectional carbon fibre fabric characterised by a high modulus of elasticity and very high tensile strength.
MapeWrap C BI-AX is suitable for repairing concrete structures and to improve flexural and shear strength of reinforced concrete structures damaged by physical-mechanical action, for confinement of axial loaded concrete elements or concrete elements subjected to compressive and bending stress and for seismic strengthening in earthquake areas.
MapeWrap C BI-AX can be placed using two different methods: the wet system and the dry system using a specific and complete range of epoxy resins composed of MapeWrap Primer 1 to prime the substrate, MapeWrap 11 or MapeWrap 12 for smoothing, MapeWrap 21 (wet system) and MapeWrap 31 (dry system) for the impregnation of the fabric.

boxes containing one 50 m long roll.
The fabric is available in two basic weights and each type with different widths:
- MapeWrap C BI-AX 230/20:
50 m x 20 cm rolls (230 g/m2);
- MapeWrap C BI-AX 230/40:
50 m x 40 cm rolls (230 g/m2);
- MapeWrap C BI-AX 360/20:
50 m x 20 cm rolls (360 g/m2);
- MapeWrap C BI-AX 360/40:
50 m x 40 cm rolls (360 g/m2).

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