POLYFOND KIT DRAIN - Drainage & protection

POLYFOND KIT DRAIN - Drainage & protection

76533005002 - POLYFOND KIT DRAIN  

76533025001 - POLYFOND KIT FIXING BOX 200PC  

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POLYFOND KIT DRAIN is a protection and drainage system made from high-density extruded polyethylene (HDPE) laminated with a polypropylene needle-punched nonwoven. It is particularly effective in protecting waterproofing of below grade structures or earth retaining structures in general, also providing excellent drainage capacity and is suitable for use in lightweight roof gardens. The structure and geometry of the studs give POLYFOND KIT DRAIN extremely high mechanical performance, ensuring perfect ventilation and excellent water drainage. In addition, POLYFOND KIT DRAIN is designed to provide the waterproofing membrane with suitable protection during foundation backfilling work. The polypropylene nonwoven ensures excellent water filtering and drainage capacity, enabling effective vertical and horizontal drainage.

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