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Research & Development

N° - 5/15/2024

Mapei Corporation, the Group’s US subsidiary, developed an ink/mortar which allows the construction of 3D residential buildings

Research & Development

N° 93 - 5/8/2024

CUBE System addresses the challenges of using reduced clinker cements and recycled aggregates in concrete production. By supplying innovative superplasticizers, strength enhancers and technical assistance, it allows to maintain high quality...

Interviews Products

N° 101 - 5/8/2024

Mapei has launched MAPEFLEX MS 55, a versatile hybrid adhesive and sealant for interior and exterior use, which combines the best qualities of silicones and polyurethanes, guaranteeing resistance and ease of use. Available in various formats, it...


N° - 5/8/2024

The Alster-Schwimmhalle sports center in Hamburg (Germany), recently modernized by Baderland Deutschland, also includes The Ray Fitness Club. In this fitness centre 1100 m² of durable linoleum flooring were installed with Mapei eco-sustainable...



N° - 5/8/2024

Cementos Argos is a growing concrete and cement multinational. Their commitment to sustainability involves different initiatives in the educational, production and waste management fields

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