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N° 87 - 8/27/2021

Mapeproof FBT: a highly effective barrier against groundwater, moisture and radon gas.

#waterproofing #insights

The expert's opinion

N° 86 - 7/12/2021

Innovative systems for the structural strengthening of existing buildings.

#masonry #strengthening #renovation #insights


N° 86 - 7/23/2021

Mapei is a reliable partner for all professionals involved in the construction of concrete flooring, starting with the installation teams, to encourage their technical and cultural development. This is why the Concrete Flooring Solution range of…

#insights #mixdesign

The expert's opinion

N° 86 - 7/30/2021

Creative use of coatings for new spaces dedicated to sport and sociability.

#urbandesign #urban #insights #sports


N° 86 - 8/9/2021

Tradition and innovation: installing natural stone paving using the Mapestone System.

#revitalisation #insights #urbandesign #citycentres

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