Two-component, thixotropic, quick-hardening epoxy adhesive for structural bonds.
Adesilex PG1 Rapido is a two-component adhesive composed of an epoxy resin base, special catalysts, fine-grained selected aggregates and special admixes. Adesilex PG1 Rapido hardens in approximately 1 hour (at +23°C) by chemical reaction and without shrinking, and becomes a composite material with exceptional mechanical strength. Adesilex PG1 Rapido may be used to strengthen structures by bonding steel and carbon-laminate sheets, such as Carboplate, and pre-fabricated concrete elements, for sealing large cracks and for fixing injection tubes in place.
Adesilex PG1 Rapido may also be used for repairing the edges of joints in industrial floors subject to intense traffic. To prepare the product, pour component B (white) into component A (grey) and mix together with a drill fitted with a low-speed mixing attachment until a homogenous mix is obtained (uniform grey colour).
Adesilex PG1 Rapido meets the minimum requirements of EN 1504-4.

1.65-1.75 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

6 kg (A+B).

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