Liquid foaming agent based on biodegradable anionic surfactants combined with natural polymer

Where to use
Polyfoamer FP is specifically formulated for preparing stable TBM (EPB) foams, which can be injected to all soil types to enhance the overall tunnelling performance. It further works well with all water types (fresh, hard, salt, etc.).
Polyfoamer FP enhances tunnelling in fractured and extremely permeable round conditions where there would be otherwise the risk of total circulation loss.
Polyfoamer FP prevents clays from plugging, thus keeping the whole shield face clean and reduces dust production.
Polyfoamer FP reduces the friction between soil particles and lubricated, thus minimizing wear on the shield. Machine performance is considerably enhanced with respect to power usage as the material is able to be handled with far greater efficiency.

The dosage depends either on the ground geo-mechanical characteristics and/or on the type of water present. The normal concentrations are between 2 and 4% (e.g. 2%: 2 parts of Polyfoamer FP and 98 parts of water). Our technical Laboratory is at customer’s complete disposal for evaluating the optimum required product dosage. In the Laboratory we will analyse the required volume of solution to add for cubic meter of soil and the correct volume to be added: in particular, we will analyse the parameters FER (Foam Expansion Ratio) and FIR (Foam Injection Ratio), which eventually have to be perfected by means of tests in situ.

• 25 kg and 200 kg plastic drums.
• 1000 kg tanks.

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