One-component pre-blended thixotropic mortar with controlled shrinkage for anchoring, by injection, of tie rods and bolts in all types of grounds.
Use Stabilcem T for anchoring tie rods of any length in tunnels, also in the presence of water and/or fractured and unstable rock masses, for anchoring reinforcement steel rods, for filling cavities between rock and concrete elements in tunnels and for sealing rigid structural joints in precast structures.
After mixing with water Stabilcem T acquires such a thixotropic consistency that it can be easily applied by injection on vertical, inclined or above sections without yielding or scraps.
Thanks to its rheological properties and to the absence of bleeding, Stabilcem T can penetrate through morphologically difficult grounds, completely filling very limited spaces.
Stabilcem T hardens without shrinkage and thanks to its remarkable bonding to rock, concrete, and steel, it is an effective means for anchoring bolts and rods during consolidation, even if they undergo considerable stress.

approximately 1.75 kg/dm3 of cavity to be filled.

25 kg bags.

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