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The ability to offer the best and most innovative solutions to design and construct according to eco-sustainable principles is a fundamental commitment for Mapei. This requires a sense of responsibility and the ability to make concrete choices in order to supply designers, contractors, workers and clients with products which are safe, reliable and durable over the years and which have the lowest impact possible on the environment. It is a path that puts an emphasis on safeguarding the environment and our health. It unites quality architecture and research and development and hinges around the value of the experience matured by operating on the most important construction sites around the world. In fact, we contribute to a the creation of quality, durable buildings through products formulated with innovative, recycled, ultra-light raw materials developed to reduce energy consumption and to have very low emission of volatile organic compounds.


Another important contribution to eco-sustainability is made through the development of products with improved mechanical performance characteristics and durability which, by enabling structures to be fabricated with an intrinsically longer service life, leads inevitably to a reduction of waste materials and lower consumption of materials and energy for their construction.

Ours is a choice which looks to the future and is the result of our constant commitment to research into innovative, efficient formulas which can be integrated to form complete application systems. Maintaining quality standards of excellence also requires significant, targeted investments. Excellence, however, is not just something you can declare: our wish is that whatever we communicate is also measurable, measured and certified by external bodies who can evaluate our claims objectively. Since 2012 we have offset more than 50,000 tonnes of CO2 associated with the production of Keraflex Maxi S1 Zerø in Italy through the acquisition of certified credits by financing wind energy projects in India.


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