SuperplasticiSer, hardening accelerating admixture for quick stripping precast concrete

Where to use
Concrete with Dynamon NRG 1010 has a high level of workability (consistency class S4 or S5, according to EN 206-1), and is consequently easy to apply when fresh. At the same time it provides excellent mechanical performances when hardened.
Dynamon NRG 1010 is especially suitable for precast concrete and wherever there is the need for a strong water reduction and relatively high mechanical strengths at early age, in different consistency classes.
Dynamon NRG 1010 allows the elimination of accelerated steam curing treatment, even at very low external temperatures.
Its characteristics make it particularly suitable for manufacturing self-compacting concrete, by ensuring high workability and the accelerated development of mechanical strength.
For self-compacting concrete Dynamon NRG 1010 can be used together with Viscofluid SCC/10 or Viscostar 3K, viscosity modifying admixtures, in order to avoid the risk of segregation and ensure the mixture’s homogeneity even with a very high slump-flow.

Dosage by volume:
For traditional systems - from 0.5 to 1.5 l per 100 kg of cement.

Dynamon NRG 1010 is available in bulk, 200 l drums, 1000 l tanks.

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