Video Tutorials

In this section you will find a series of video tutorials that will help you understand how to apply and use some Mapei products.

Re-Con Zero Evo - Returned Concrete with Zero Impact

Re-Con Zero Evo is a two-component powder product which allows concrete returned to mixing plants to be completely and quickly...

Mapelastic AquaDefense

Ready-to-use, ultra quick-drying, flexible liquid membrane for waterproofing internal and external surfaces.


How to mix and apply Kerapoxy grout

Kerapoxy Design

Kerapoxy Design is a two-component, decorative, acid resistant epoxy grout (available in 8 different colours), ideal for glass...

Chemical Anchors

Mapefix Chemical Anchors How to fasten metal bars in concrete

Ultracolor Plus

Premium Quality Mould-Proof Grout High-performance, anti-efflorescence, quick-setting and drying polymer-modified grout with...

Ultraplan Renovation

A fibre-reinforced levelling compound for interiors in thicknesses from 3 to 40 mm in a single application. Suitable for internal...

Mapei Corporate Video 2019

Mapei Corporate Video 2019

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