2021 Greetings and Wishes

Dear Stakeholders

I wish you a prosperous new year 2021. The year 2021 is an important milestone for Mapei India.

Mapei India would be completing its 10th year of operation in India, since it was incorporated in March 4th, 2011. In these 10 years we have been able to reach an important position of being one of the most successful companies in the Industry. We have built trust with our customers by providing competent service and quality products. We have been associated with project of national, cultural and strategic importance like the Statue of Unity, Atal tunnel, Chenani-NashriTunnel, Airports, Metros, Heritage buildings and many more. We have been able to reach out to every corner of this county and beyond to the neighbouring SAARC countries. We have grown in strength and numbers. We have been able to increase our operating potency thereby increasing foothold in the markets and consumer base .

All of this was possible because of the unconditional faith you have shown in our brand, I take this moment to thank you all, be it the site engineer who in the front line applied our products or the highest officer in the government and private bodies who have approved our products and quality. We owe these 10 years to you and we are committed not to let down this emotion that you have for us.

I also thank our talented team, who in all odds have stood the test of time and peril. These men and women have risen above the pandemic and other calamities, have been ever ready to serve the customers of Mapei India. I congratulate all of them for their dedicated work.

We will continue our work, build more facilities, develop more relevant and quality products, explore further markets and deliver excellence to you, these are mine and our team's commitment to you.

Happy New year 2021.
January 1, 2021

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