All the information you need and all the right tools are available from Mapei, a valid aid for design engineers and professionals from the building industry to help in design work, set up a construction site and execute every type of building project.


Technical documentation

Find the most suitable document to help with your work, with manuals, technical pamphlets and information sheets covering all our products, as well as documents to help you choose the best solution.


grouts and sealants calculator

The calculator is an extremely simple to use tool and a useful aid in estimating the amount of product required to seal grout lines and elastic joints.


Coloured grouts and sealants

Colour also needs its own space. Create the right atmosphere for your ideal surroundings with the new collections of Mapei coloured grouts.


Technical specifications

Designing means following a certain path. Thanks to Mapei it is now possible to do it in the most effective way possible, with dedicated guides that show them the way through the specifications for every product and their areas of use.



At the centre of design is knowledge. This is why Mapei supports designers who need to construct their own BIM model (Building Information Modeling), with a library of solutions that can be downloaded for every project.

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