Courses are held by the Mapei Technical Services Department and expert technicians through practical demonstrations, audio-visual training and by distributing technical and information packs. To reach sites directly, Mapei also has a special mobile training centre available for a number of countries, enabling us to take Mapei’s training activities to you.

Mapei organises technical refresher conventions and seminars in conjunction with various Chartered Bodies aimed at designers, site managers and specialists from the construction sector. More than 6,700 events are held in Mapei’s various training centres and in Specification Centres all around the world. Professional Associations also host Mapei events, many involving expert speakers centred on technical and current issues for the building and design industries.

Scheduled training activities

Here you will find a complete list of seminars and conventions that have been organised around the country. Choose the most suitable course for your particular needs and go online to enrol.

Our technical assistance service 
for professionals

Mapei’s highly-qualified Technical Services Division is always available for our clients to guarantee the most appropriate level of support, from the design phase right up to installation and site activities, ensuring that the end result always lives up to your expectations. Our expert personnel, located all around the globe, guarantee they are always on hand and provide a rapid response for clients.






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