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January 30, 2023. 2:56 PM

Top construction companies in India

India's economic growth has recently been centered on infrastructure. India's construction market was worth 5 trillion Indian rupees in the second half of 2022. Construction is the largest industry sector in India and, after farmers, the…

January 30, 2023. 10:53 AM

Waterproofing products-PLASTIMUL

Waterproofing products -PLASTIMUL It is vital to clarify the basics of waterproofing before going into detail regarding waterproofing products. Making an item or structure watertight or water-resistant is the process of waterproofing. This procedure…

January 25, 2023. 12:08 PM

An overview for understanding precast concrete types and techniques

Precast concrete is portable concrete that is cast in one location for use in another. The majority of precast production takes place at the facilities of specialized suppliers, but in some cases, due to geographical or economic constraints, the…

January 25, 2023. 11:53 AM

How Cementitious Waterproofing Protects Your Home?

Continuous deterioration and erosion are a constant threat to concrete structures. We cannot prevent constant mechanical abrasions from occurring on most concrete surfaces, particularly floors. Surfaces deteriorate earlier, developing gaps and…

January 6, 2023. 7:05 AM

What to Look for When Choosing a Roof Waterproofing Specialist in India?

You used top-quality materials to construct a lovely structure. Even the interiors are elegant and distinctive. But after a few seasons, you notice that the walls are crumbling and that there is a severe leakage problem. Why did it go wrong? This…

November 11, 2022. 11:41 AM

Importance of getting waterproofing before designing your house

Home is that cozy place where you relax at the end of the day and spend time with your family and friends; to evoke the homely sensation, you must feel at ease inside its four walls. Your home's layout must be ideal for this to happen; it must…


October 13, 2022. 8:47 AM

What to Look for When Choosing a Roof Waterproofing Specialist in India?

Is your ceiling leaking even after mild rain? A professional roof waterproofing specialist can help you find intelligent solutions to your home's leakage issues. Understanding the different roof waterproofing options will help you make an informed…


September 6, 2022. 2:14 PM


At Mapei, we believe that your construction needs deserve only the best products, be it waterproofing or flooring installations. Being one of the best waterproofing companies globally, our products, such as the PRIMER MF EC PLUS, are designed to…


August 9, 2022. 1:50 PM

What are the reason for choosing Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete refers to a type of construction product that is manufactured in controlled factories. Concrete is cast using a reusable mold, which is then transported to the site and placed. Because of its combination of speed and quality, the…

July 15, 2022. 7:49 AM

Ask the Expert: How Do I Prepare My Commercial Roof for Winter?

As the temperatures begin to drop over the coming months, you'll want to start preparing your commercial roof for the winter months. Your commercial roofing can be affected by temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Winter temperatures can…


June 14, 2022. 4:17 PM

Importance of Tile Adhesives while laying tiles

We've been utilizing sand, cement, and water to install tiles and natural stones for decades. As technology advances, so do construction techniques; fortunately, the use of adhesives has made everything appear simple and quick. Whether it's a wall…

May 24, 2022. 12:42 PM

Foundation Cracks - When to Hire an Expert?

Every structure requires a robust and strong foundation. Natural disasters can devastate the foundation. According to construction professionals, foundation damage and mishaps can occur in any home. A shaky foundation, poor concrete, the plaster…


May 24, 2022. 12:25 PM

Projects On PRIMER M

As one of the construction chemical manufacturing companies in India we take in purview that we serve only the best to countries infrastructural development, therefore all our products are keenly scrutinized for high performance and quality. Among…

November 29, 2021. 6:32 AM

Precast Concrete - Solutions from Mapei

Precast is used within the exterior and interior walls. Using a Precast concrete system offers many potential advantages over onsite casting. Mapei has come up with Precast Concrete. Precast concrete is a construction product produced by casting…

January 19, 2021. 10:27 AM

Tile Adhesive, Tile Grouts for Installing Large Format and Thin Tiles

Tips for installing large format and thin tiles What is considered as Large format and slim tile? Large-format tiles are those with at least one side greater than 60cm in length.  They come in various sizes and thicknesses, with some formats…

August 20, 2020. 3:19 PM

Purtop Easy(CECR) Range - Waterproofing Solutions For Rapid Applications

Purtop range, Single/two-component PU based waterproofing system for rapid applications from Mapei The PURTOP range is a series of continuous, one/ two-component, polyurea-based membranes without solvents, suitable for application on various…

August 20, 2020. 2:52 PM

Concrete Admixtures for Precast Concrete

Solutions for Precast concrete from Mapei The precast concrete industry is continuously innovating; driven by shifts in global markets, increasing customer expectations and pressures from increasing labour costs. Producers are constantly searching…

August 20, 2020. 2:09 PM

Recon Zero - Admixture for Returned Concrete with Zero Impact

Innovative product for the sustainable recovery of returned concrete from Mapei Re-con Zero – Returned concrete with zero impact The use of sustainable, durable materials is becoming an increasingly real need since the consumption of the natural…

August 20, 2020. 1:31 PM

Bridge Repair and Coating – A case study

Introduction: All the structures in the road system must be well conserved to avoid compromising design responsibility, safety when the structures are in use and the implementation of maintenance operations. If the condition of a structure is not…

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