“Arena del Futuro” – the first worldwide collaborative innovation project for zero-emission mobility of people and goods on the road to carbon neutrality

May 19, 2021

Brescia, May 17th 2021. Today the A35 Brebemi-Aleatica motorway, ABB, Electreon, FIAMM Energy Technology, IVECO, IVECO Bus, Mapei, Pizzarotti, Politecnico di Milano, Prysmian, Stellantis, TIM, Roma Tre University and the University of Parma announced the launch of a collaboration aimed at creating the conditions to develop an innovative zero-emission system for the mobility of people and goods along motorway transport corridors.

This consortium will work together over the coming months to demonstrate effectiveness and efficiency of technologies to power electric cars, buses and commercial vehicles using contactless dynamic inductive charging.

The uniqueness of this revolutionary project lies in the fact that, for the first time in the world, a pool of important international industrial companies supported by prestigious universities and institutions will be collaborating with the aim of analysing all the data related to this futuristic technology that will emerge over the next few months of work and study.

The project includes, in particular:

  • constructing a 1,050-metre asphalt ring powered by 1MW of electrical power, called the 'Arena del Futuro', located in a private area of the A35 motorway near the Chiari Ovest exit
  • applying 'Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer' technology to various ranges of electric vehicles in a static and dynamic environment
  • advanced connectivity through 5G and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to ensure maximum road safety and optimize the productivity of commercial vehicles
  • •optimizing the road surface in order to make it more durable and not alter the efficiency of the inductive charge.
For further information about the Mapei solutions for the asphalt pavements, please visit the dedicated page
Read also the Press Release about the agreement between Mapei and Iren

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