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The aim of this privacy policy is to describe how the website is administered and how the personal information of users/visitors to the website is processed. This privacy policy is also for information purposes pursuant to article 13 of Decree No. 196/2003 – Code regarding the protection of personal information (hereafter “Code of Privacy”).
The holder of any information that may be processed following consultation of this website is Mapei S.p.A., based in Via C. Cafiero 22, Milan 20158.


While the IT systems and software procedures adopted to run this website are performing their routine tasks and functions, they acquire certain personal information which is implicitly transmitted while using internet communications protocols.

The information that falls under this category is: IP addresses, the type of browser used, the operating system, the domain and website addresses used to access or exit the website, information on the pages within the website visited by the user, the time the user accessed the website, how long the user remains on each page, an internal route analysis and other parameters about the user’s operating system and IT environment.

This technical/IT information is collected, consolidated and used completely anonymously.


In order to access certain services offered by the website, such as registering for courses, conventions or seminars, downloading of software, saving projects and product calculations or to receive newsletters, the visitor will be asked to register to the website and, therefore, create a personal account.

When registering to the website, the visitor will be asked to voluntary supply certain personal information by completing a registration form such as first name, surname, home address, email address, mobile and/or landline phone number, sector of work and job title.

Lastly, the optional, explicit and voluntary sending of emails to the addresses indicated on this website will lead to the sender’s personal information being acquired (example: first name, surname and email address).

Any personal information supplied voluntarily is processed for the following purposes:

  1. To create a user account and for other purposes strictly necessary for, and/or connected to, the supply and correct administration of the services requested, as well as to answer questions formulated by the user, on a casual basis, through the website, by email or by any other communications system available.
  2. To send emails with our newsletter or other informative materials and for promotional and/or marketing purposes. This category also includes promotional activities carried out by Mapei S.p.A., or any company connected to Mape Group, regarding services connected or correlated to their particular type of goods.
  3. For profiling purposes correlated to market research and statistical analysis. This category also includes activities connected or correlated to the profiling of users in order to identify their tastes, preferences, habits, needs and choices to improve the quality of the services provided by Mapei Group.


For the purpose of the services offered according to item 1, the supply of personal information is necessary. The refusal to supply said information will render Mapei S.p.A. unable to provide the service required.

For the purpose of the services offered according to items 2 and 3, the supply of personal information is optional and dependant on the user’s acceptance for said information to be processed for the purposes and conditions mentioned above, which is expressed using the dedicated form. Also, the methods used to contact the user for promotional purposes as per item 2, in the case of the user accepting to be contacted, may be automatic (email, sms, mms, fax, recorded phone messages) or conventional (phone call from an operator or by letter). At any time the user may withdraw from the acceptance previously acknowledged, including partially, for example by only accepting to be contacted using traditional means.


Cookies are information packages sent by a web server (e.g. the website) to the user’s internet browser which are automatically stored on the user’s computer and then sent automatically back to the server every time the website is accessed.

The default setting for almost all web browsers is to automatically accept cookies.

This website does not use cookies to transmit information of a personal nature.

The use of session cookies (which are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and are cancelled each time the web browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identities required in order to permit the website to be used safely and efficiently.

Session cookies used on this website avoid the need to use other IT techniques, which could be potentially detrimental to the user’s privacy while surfing, and do not permit acquisition of the user’s personal information.

Permanent cookies are also used by this website, that is, cookies which remain stored on the hard disk of the computer until they expire or are cancelled by the user/visitor.

By using permanent cookies, visitors to the website (or other users using the same computer) are automatically recognised each time they visit the website.

Visitors are able to set their browser so that it accepts/refuses all cookies or a message appears every time a cookie is proposed so they may decide whether to accept it or not. At any time the user can modify the default setting and disable all cookies (that is, block them completely) by selecting the highest protection level.

For all other information regarding the characteristics, types, methods and ways of removing, cancelling or disabling cookies present on the website, please refer to the specific Cookie Policy.


A user’s personal information is accessible within Mapei S.p.A. only by those authorised to process such information and who, depending on their specific role within the company, needs to process said information in order to supply the services requested by the client or to guarantee the correct functionality of the website.

Personal information may be communicated to other companies within the Group and to third-parties who Mapei contacts to carry out services of a commercial, professional and technical-functional nature so they may process it as described above, as well as to suppliers of IT and website management services (such as hosting suppliers, market research and analysis providers or suppliers of database management and maintenance services).

Apart from those instances mentioned above, the user’s personal information is not communicated to third parties, persons or organisations, nor is it divulged in any way.

Personal information may be stored as either a hard or a soft copy and is entered into the company IT system with full respect of the Code of Privacy, including safety and confidentiality profiles and in the spirit of the principles of correctness and lawfulness of data processing. In compliance with item 11 of the Code of Privacy, all information is stored and kept only for the period of time strictly necessary in order to perform the specific purposes each single time.

This website contains plug-ins for certain social media platforms (such as Facebook). Social media plug-ins are special tools which allow the functions of social media platforms to be directly incorporated into the website (such as the “Like” function of Facebook) and are indicated by the respective logo of each social media platform.

When you visit a page on this website and interact with the plug-in (such as by clicking on the “Like” button), or if you decide to leave a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted by the browser directly to the social media platform (in this case Facebook) which memorises it. For further information on the purposes, the type and the methods used to collect, process and store personal information by the social media platform, and for information on how to exercise your rights, please refer to the privacy policy of the social media platform.


From this website, it is possible to connect directly to other third party websites through dedicated links.

The holder of this website declines all responsibility for the way personal information is administered and managed by third party websites and the management of authentication credentials supplied by third parties.


In accordance with article 7 of the Code of Privacy, any party who supplies personal information has the right, at any time, to ask for confirmation that said information exists or not, to know the contents and its origin, verify its accuracy and ask that it be integrated, updated or rectified.

Similarly, any party has the right to ask that any information stored unlawfully is cancelled, transformed into an anonymous form or blocked and to oppose, for legitimate reasons, that said information is processed.

To take advantage of your rights all requests should be sent:

- By email to:; or

- By post to: Mapei S.p.A., Via C. Cafiero 22, Milan 20158, Italy

In addition, registered users may, at any time, take view of, modify or cancel their personal information by simply accessing their personal account, or allow or withdraw their acceptance given for the purposes previously indicated.

The account created may be cancelled at any time by the user as follows: by clicking on the “CANCEL ACCOUNT” button or by using one of the addresses mentioned above. If a profile is cancelled, all information inserted by the user when registering and using the website will be cancelled.


Modifications to data protection legislation, the introduction of new legislation regarding data protection or variations by Mapei S.p.A. to existing services or the introduction of new services, could make it necessary to modify this privacy policy. Users should consult this document periodically and refer to the most recent update indicated below.

Updated 2nd August 2017

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