Vinyl-acetate additive in water dispersion for cement based smoothing compounds.
Where to use:
Additive used for the preparation of cement based smoothing compounds to provide improved mechanical and adhesive strength. For preparation, all the criteria normally used for cement mixes must be observed, in particular the grading of the aggregate, the water-cement ratio and the cement factor.
- Preparation of mixes for coatings up to 1 mm thick: use 1 part Adesivil C with
3-3.5 parts by weight of cement.
- Preparation of levelling compounds up to 3-4 mm thick: dilute 1 part Adesivil C with
2 parts of water and mix with
2 parts by weight of cement and 2-3 parts by weight of sand.
from 100 to 200 g/mm/m2.
20 kg buckets.

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