Chloride-free antifreeze for cementitious mortar and concrete.
Antifreeze S is used to prepare mortar and concrete (including reinforced) for use at ambient temperature as low as to –10°C.
Antifreeze S is particularly ideal for obtaining considerable increases in mechanical strength in the first 24 hours even at low temperatures, together with quicker and safer removal of formwork and the elimination of the danger of frost on the concrete.
Antifreeze S is a powdered additive based on accelerators for hardening concrete which accelerate hydration without affecting the normal setting time, provided that it is used in the recommended quantity.
To use, add Antifreeze S to the dry mix of cement and aggregate, disperse it thoroughly throughout the mix and finally mix with water.
20-60 kg/m3 of mix.
Dosage: 5-10% by weight of cement.
24x1 kg boxes.
Antifreeze S Liquid:
6, 12 and 30 kg drums; 200 l drums - 1000 l tanks.
Also available in bulk on request.
Also available as Antifreeze Liquid with chlorides.

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