Superplasticizer for ready mixed concrete with high reduction of mixing water

Where to use
Because of its high workability (consistency classes S4 or S5 according to EN 206-1) and reduced amount of mixing water, concrete prepared with Dynamon SX 34 is easy to place in the fresh state and has high mechanical strength when hardened. Dynamon SX 34 is especially recommended for all applications which require great reduction of mixing water.
Dynamon SX 34 is mainly used for:
• waterproof and durable concrete with exposure class in compliance with EN 206-1;
• ready-mix concrete with high mechanical performance and high retention of workability;
• concrete that is pumpable.

Dosage by volume:
from 0.5 to 1.5 l for every 100 kg of cement.

Dynamon SX 34 is available in bulk, 200 l drums and in 1000 l tanks.

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