Innovative product for the sustainable recovery of returned concrete from Mapei

 April 15, 2019. 7:35 AM

Re-con Zero – Returned concrete with zero impact
The global production of concrete amounts to a total of 10 billion m3/year. Out of this total, approximately 50 million m3 of concrete is never actually used and is returned to the production plant. Considering just 10% of this total as “critical”, meaning not recyclable while fresh, this translates into 5 million m3 of returned concrete requirement treatment every year. Returned concrete has a high environmental impact on concrete plants and leads to extra operating costs.


Current systems for treating returned concrete do not offer a sustainable solution in that they:
  • Have a negative impact on the environment
  • Do not make the best use of potentially recyclable material
  • Increase overall operating costs

Re-con Zero from Mapei is a solution to these problems, making the most of returned concrete by transforming it into granular material that can be re-used as aggregate in concrete giving environmental advantages:

  • With Re-con Zero, returned concrete may be completely re-utlised, thus reducing the amount of waste material to be disposed of.
  • With Re-con Zero, the amount of recycled material employed increases, thus reducing the impact caused by the extraction and processing of virgin materials
  • With Re-con Zero, the amount of materials transported by road decreases, due to the fact that part of the aggregates are produced at concrete plants.


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