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 August 21, 2019. 6:25 AM

Any Design work is characterised by a precise professional commitment: finding the best way to combine aesthetics with functionality and elegance with practicality. Choosing just the right colours and materials is fundamental in defining the quality of the end result and its durability over the years. To truly enhance the personality of spaces and surroundings we must employ, first and foremost, installation products and systems that are in line with the overall objectives. This is why Mapei is the only company in the sector to have such a comprehensive and articulated range of solutions available, the result of their extensive experience which is constantly updated with the addition of new, innovative products. In the repertoire of opportunities targeted at the world of architecture and interior design you will find the perfect answer for every type of design requirement, even the most complex and original. And always including the reliability of the Mapei brand.

Let’s discuss about a product in this article, which is the need of today’s lifestyle and for reducing the noise pollution.  

Sound is a sensation perceived by the human ear and is generated by vibrations from an oscillating body. These oscillations are the movement of the particles of a specific object that transmits movement to adjacent particles, which in turn transmit this energy to the nearest particles and generate a sound wave. A wave will only be generated and then propagate if there is a liquid, solid or gaseous body (such as air).

Mapesonic CR is a thin section soundproofing membrane to combat the noise of footsteps transmitted through floor slabs, applied before laying ceramic, stone, resilient and multi-layered parquet floors.  Mapesonic CR is manufacturing using recomposed cork and rubber bound together with high quality polyurethane composite.  Mapesonic CR has been specifically developed for application is existing buildings to improve soundproofing without removing the floors and screeds.  It is particularly suitable, therefore, for all buildings such as residential units, hotels, offices, rest-homes, schools etc.  under renovation.


Naked SlabSlab soundproofed with Mapesilent Roll





  • Efficient reduction of noise from footsteps. Mapesonic CR considerably reduces the transmission of impact noise to upgrade the acoustic performance of buildings in compliance with D.P.C.M. 5-12-97.
  • May be overlaid on old flooring
  • Easy installation
  • Certified system
  • MAPESONIC CR is certified according to current international standards (EN 10140-3 and EN ISO 717-2:2007).
  • Very low emission of volatile organic compounds - Classified EC1 Plus according to GEV-EMICODE.


Mapei India is proud to be part of our prestigious project “Statue of Unity” where, Mapesonic CR was used in the walk area.

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