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N° 74 - 06/05/2019

This issue of Realtà Mapei International is very “Italian”, but not exclusively“Italian”. At a time of great global economic uncertainty and a general tendency to close ranks that many nations are showing, Italy has the chance to express its full...



N° 74 - 09/05/2019

Following the earthquake in 2016, the Sanctuary underwent delicate restoration and consolidation work before being handed back to visitors and worshippers on the 24th of December last year.

#support #repair #strengthening


N° 74 - 15/05/2019

Interview with Karole Vail, the director of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

#culture #insights #support


N° 74 - 15/05/2019

Mapei is continuing its partnership with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection helping develop technology for conservation purposes.

#culture #insights #support


N° 74 - 17/05/2019

Making the stream safe by widening the section of its bed and preventing corrosion of the reinforcement rods.

#wall coatings #repair #infrastructures

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