Tape for the flexible waterproofing of expansion joints and cracks.

MAPEBAND FLEX ROLL is a Thermo Plastic Elastic (TPE) bandage that exhibits excellent flexibility and elasticity, offering distinct advantages to the user.

MAPEBAND FLEX ROLL can be easily joined using a hot air gun welding process as used in PVC and TPO membrane joining practices. This provides the installer the versatility of on-site joining and production of junctions and corners etc.

MAPEBAND FLEX ROLL is fixed to the concrete using Adesilex PG 4 which forms part of the potable water certified system. The bandage is firmly bedded into a layer of Adesilex PG 4 on either side of the joint or crack and the edges are then also encapsulated on the top side to provide a perfect bond and seal.

MAPEBAND FLEX ROLL provides excellent chemical resistance and is resistant to UV in exposed applications.


  • Easy to cut with a sharp knife or blade
  • Easy to install and weld/join at all temperatures
  • Convenient 20 metre rolls in 200 and 300mm width
  • Excellent stability if exposed to UV rays
  • Solvent-free adhesive with low odour, for safe use internally and in poorly ventilated environments
  • Very Low VOC emissions to improve the quality of air in closed environments
  • Certified AS4020:2018 Potable Water (Safe for contact with drinking water)
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and metals
  • A versatile system that meets many structural joints and cracks sealing applications
  • Cost-effective system
  • Innovative technology, easier to place than competitor’s stiffer product offerings
  • Multi-functional product for numerous sealing applications
  • Guaranteed results, high performances

Material: TPE.
Tensile strength (N/mm²): > 6 MPa.
Elongation at failure: > 400%.
Tear strength: > 600 N/cm.
Shore A hardness: approx. 80.
Width: 300 mm (other sizes available upon request).
Thickness: 2 mm.
Packaging: 20 m rolls.

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