3D-printed Habitat for Humanity homes – Newport News, VA, USA

Location icon Newport News, USA
Nr. ref.: 241222


Yard The homes are 1,200 square feet (111 m2) each. Each home features three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Locație Newport News, USA
Sub-categorie CASA
Integrat 2022
Deschis în 2023
Aplicație In Newport News, where the need for affordable housing is pronounced, Habitat for Humanity embarked on a mission to revolutionize the construction landscape.
The collaboration between the charity, MAPEI and Black Buffalo 3D Corporation aimed to leverage 3D-printing technology to build homes that are not only cost-effective but also environmentally sustainable. With a vision to address the housing crisis, the project sought to provide families with comfortable, durable and energy-efficient homes.
Data de început și de finalizare 2022/2023
Tipul aplicației Constructie noua
Deținător Habitat for Humanity and private homeowners
Societate contractantă Alquist 3D
Societăți de instalare Alquist 3D
Credite Steven Day
Coordonare MAPEI Fabrizio De Rossi and Rankin Jays

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