Cery Psychiatric Clinic

Location icon Prilly, Switzerland
Nr. ref.: 4630


Yard The concrete facade of the new hospital was built with our products. The concrete mix consists of Dynamon XS 14 and Dynamon SX18, Antigelo S and Mapefill, among others.
Locație Prilly, Switzerland
Sub-categorie SPITAL
Aplicație The new hospital welcomes patients in a sleek and bright environment that is in line with a modern psychiatric approach. The building creates an open and welcoming atmosphere that makes the nurses happy to work and the patients feel calm and safe.
Data de început și de finalizare 2020/2021
Tipul aplicației Reabilitare structuri beton
Societate contractantă HRS Real Estate SA
Societăți de instalare Frutiger Vaud SA
Arhitecți Casiraghi Colombo Leuzinger
Manager de proiect Centre hospitalier universitaire vuadois (CHUV)
Coordonare MAPEI Laurent Guillet

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