Two part water-based co-polymeric paint for the protection of cementitious substrates

Where to use
Preparing the substrate
Surfaces to be treated must be fully cured (even freshly patched areas), clean, compact and dry. Slight residual moisture is fine provided it does not result from rising capillary action or counter pressure from the water table Completely remove traces of laitance, oil, grease or form release agents from the surface. Concrete superficially impregnated with oils and grease must be vigorously cleaned with a 10% water and soda solution or detergents and then rinsed thoroughly several times with clean water. If deleterious substances have penetrated deeply into the substrate, the contaminated concrete must be removed by scarifying. The substrate should then be repaired with special mortars belonging to the Mapegrout line or with Planitop 400.
Renders can be levelled with Nivoplan mixed with Planicrete or with Planitop 100, if the thicknesses involved can be measured in millimetres. When levelling or repairs are not necessary, Mapecoat T28 can be applied directly onto clean and solid cementitious surfaces. In normal conditions Mapecoat T28 does not require the use of a primer.

Preparing the product
Carefully mix the two components (1:1 by weight). Pour part B (hardener) into part A (resin), taking care to scrape the sides of the containers with a brush so as to mix all of the product. Mix Mapecoat T28 with a drill at low speed, to prevent entraining air (always keep the propeller immersed while mixing). Mix for several minutes, until the product is completely homogenised. Avoid removing partial quantities of material from the containers, so as not to risk accidentally mistaking the dosage which could compromise the final hardening.

Applying the product
Mapecoat T28 can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray.
Over concrete substrates, the product should be used diluted with pure water at 5-10% for the application of the first layer.
Mapecoat T28 should be applied in at least two coats separated by 6 to 24 hours, depending on the environmental temperature and humidity. High temperatures and low humidity reduce the waiting time, while low temperatures and high humidity increase it. Protect the fresh product from rain for at least 12 hours.

To obtain a 250 µm thick the dry coat (in 2 layers):
– 1st layer diluit. at 10%: 350 g/m2
– 2nd layer pure: 310 g/m2

To obtain a 350 µm thick the dry coat (in 3 layers):
– 1st layer diluit. at 10%: 315 g/m2
– 2nd layer pure: 295 g/m2
– 3nd layer pure: 295 g/m2

20 kg units (part A 10 kg + part B 10 kg). 1000 kg mega drums are available on request.

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