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Mapeheat Fault Sensor
Electrical Fault Indicator for Mapeheat Floor Heating

Mapeheat Fault Sensor simultaneously monitors the hot, neutral and ground wires during installation ...
Mapeheat™ Cable
Radiant-Heating Cable for Use with Mapeheat Membrane

Mapeheat Cable is a free-form, twisted-pair, floor-heating cable for use in any residential ...
Mapeheat™ Cable Guides
Snap-Together Cable Guides for Customizable Radiant-Heated Floors

Mapeheat Cable Guides are used to secure Mapeheat Cable to a substrate before ...
Mapeheat™ Mat
Pre-Wired, Floor-Heating Fabric

Mapeheat Mat is a pre-wired floor-heating fabric designed for easy installation. The pre-wiring aspect of Mapeheat ...
Mapeheat™ Membrane
Lightweight Uncoupling, Crack- Isolation and Waterproofing Membrane for Electrical Floor Heating

Mapeheat Membrane is a lightweight uncoupling, ...
Mapeheat™ Temperature Sensing Probe
Sensing Probe for Thermostat- Controlled Radiant-Heated Floors

Mapeheat Temperature Sensing Probe is designed for use with Mapeheat Thermo Connect ...
Mapeheat™ Thermo Basic
Non-Programmable Floor-Heating Thermostat

Mapeheat Thermo Basic thermostat is a non-programmable control that offers simple on/off capability for ...
Mapeheat™ Thermo Connect
Programmable, WiFi Floor-Heating Thermostat

Mapeheat Thermo Connect WiFi-enabled, floor-sensing thermostat has been designed specifically for today’s ...
Mapeheat™ Thermo Touch
Programmable Floor-Heating Thermostat

Mapeheat Thermo Touch thermostat is a 7-day programmable, electric floor-heating thermostat that features ...
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