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MAPEI Inc. - Corporate

Established in 1937, MAPEI Group is globally headquartered in Italy with 102 subsidiaries, including 90…

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MAPEI Worldwide Sustainability Report - 2022

Learn more about MAPEI's sustainability innovations, our commitment towards reducing our carbon footprint in…

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Premio Venezia - MAPEI Canada

For more than 85 years, MAPEI has been providing excellent solutions for the construction market. All over…


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Mapecrete System - the perfect recipe for jointless, durable concrete

Mapecrete System is a proven technology by MAPEI for producing shrinkage compensated concrete.

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The Sound of Color: MAPEI’s refreshed palette

MAPEI’s new grout and sealant palette features a mix of old favorites and a dozen hot new selections. The new…

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Installing MAPEI’s Shower System 4 LVT

MAPEI’s Shower System 4 LVT systems allow you to install luxury vinyl tile and plank (LVT and LVP) in wet…

MAPEI Technical Institute (MTI-TV)

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MTI-TV – MAPEI’s Planiseal CR1 cold-fluid-applied, structural waterproofing membrane

Sam describes the benefits of Planiseal CR1 , which can be used in interior and exterior applications with a…

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MTI-TV #25 – Installing Backsplashes

MAPEI’s Sam Biondo and Logan Reavis discuss the various methods and products for installing backsplashes.

Tech Tips

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Tech Tip on Concrete Surface Profiling

Concrete surface profiling, or CSP, is referred to on every applicable Technical Data Sheet. But what is it?…

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Tech Tip on Water-Ratio Range for Cementitious Products

Mixing cementitious mortars and grouts requires water, but how much do you add? Even the package gives a…


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Mountain Brook Athletic Complex

MAPEI’s Sports-Flooring Team hit a home run with the installation of artificial turf in the Mountain Brook…


MURO residential-tower renovation

MAPEI concrete restoration products were crucial in renovating an aging residential tower in Vancouver,…

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McGill Strathcona Music Building – FRCM strengthening

Watch step-by-step as the MAPEI’s FRCM structural strengthening solution was applied to rehabilitate the…


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MAPEI Webinar: System Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Bidding a flooring install in a healthcare facility? These projects demand a wide range of installations and…

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MAPEI Webinar: ISO Certification More than a Stamp on a Package

What does the ISO stamp on a package mean and why should you look for it? Could using ISO-certified products…

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MAPEI and Structures Webinar – Corrosion Mitigation of Traditionally Reinforced Concrete Structures

Corrosion of reinforcing steel is the #1 reason for premature deterioration of concrete structures, as has…

Products for Underground Construction (UTT)

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Products for Underground Construction (UTT)

MAPEI UTT – Waterproofing in conventionally excavated and artificial tunnels

Waterproofing a tunnel or underground structure? MAPEI’s UTT innovations include the solutions for your…

Products for Underground Construction (UTT)

MAPEI UTT – Shotcrete technology

Looking for a shotcrete solution? MAPEI’s UTT technology provides superplasticizers, water reducers,…

Products for Underground Construction (UTT)

MAPEI UTT – Roggio Project

Overpasses, tunnels, major viaducts – State Departments of Transportation and Water Departments know that…

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