MapeLevel EasyWDG System

MapeLevel EasyWDG System

Tile Lippage-Control, Edge-Leveling System for Floors and Walls

MapeLevel EasyWDG System provides greater quality and consistency in tile finishes by reducing the effects caused by slight variations in substrates and tiles. Unlike most of the lippage-control systems currently available on the market, MapeLevel EasyWDG System has been designed to be applied entirely by hand. The ergonomic shape of the MapeLevel EasyWDG wedge allows it to be inserted smoothly and quickly into the MapeLevel EasyWDG Spacer M clips. MapeLevel EasyWDG Pliers are available where the use of a tool is preferred. Quick and easy to apply, the wedge and clips can prevent tile lippage and promote a flat tile surface.
  • MapeLevel EasyWDG System can be installed entirely by hand for a faster installation.
  • The MapeLevel EasyWDG wedge is made of recycled plastic (polypropylene) and is reusable.
  • MapeLevel EasyWDG Spacer M recyclable breakaway clips, made from high-density polyethylene, are available in sizes from 1/16" to 3/16" (1.5 to 5 mm) wide.
  • The system is convenient and easy to use.
  • The system provides greater quality in the finished tile installation.
  • Thanks to thin milling of the wedge surface, the MapeLevel EasyWDG wedge increases precision during the leveling of tile edges. This also enables an easier insertion of the wedge inside the clips.
  • Easy wedge removal allows for the cleaning of fresh mortar from around the clips.

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