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October 19, 2021. 4:40 PM

Five FAQ about “high-performance” mortars

As tiles get larger and installations get trickier, all setting-materials manufacturers have developed a category of “high-performance” mortars. If you are setting tile in a freeze/thaw environment, on above-grade areas with deflection,…

August 20, 2021. 5:10 PM

Adhesive Terminology in a nutshell - Part One

Sometimes it seems like the jargon used in the flooring industry deserves its own dictionary.  Pressure-sensitive ,  full-spread ,  wet-set  and  hard-set  are some examples. Do you want to better understand and…


August 19, 2021. 7:16 PM

How to install large format tiles using MapeLevel EasyWDG leveling system and Keraflex mortars

Over the past decade, tile trends have drastically changed in style, texture, color variation and, most importantly, size. Large-format tile was the biggest continuing trend of 2020, going strong into 2021 – from 24" x 48" (61 x 122 cm) mega…

July 30, 2021. 8:16 PM

Shortcuts: Tips on floor covering installation for renovations

There has never been a better time, to be in many professions.  Doctors have the latest and greatest in medicine, taxi drivers with GPS, garbage trucks that self-load, and even our grocers have us doing the self- checkout!  Thankfully for…

July 8, 2021. 9:29 PM

UltraCare, the finishing touch for your tile & stone installation

So, you went the extra mile, installing your gorgeous tile or stone to exacting specifications. You made sure the mortar was the right one for the job. You took pains to ensure flatness and clean lines, with a high-end grout that gives it a…

June 11, 2021. 8:24 PM

Mockups: When it makes sense to use a ‘stunt double’

When the pros in Hollywood are going to make a blockbuster movie, they don’t have their millionaire stars risk life and limb. Instead, they invest a smaller amount in a stunt double who presents far less risk in achieving the final product…

June 7, 2021. 8:44 PM

Does Grout Need to be Sealed

As a Product Support team member, I get asked this question often. The answer is simple, no, it does not need to be sealed. The better question would be, “Should I seal my grout?" Grout is a cement-based product mixed with chemicals, water,…

April 27, 2021. 9:15 PM

Flexcolor 3D - Translucent Grout Makes a Bold Statement

I've been attending  Coverings  for more than 20 years and have never seen a product make a bigger splash right out of the gate than  Flexcolor 3D .  We introduced 3D at our booth this year and I spent most of my time talking…

March 24, 2021. 8:19 PM

Tile Installation: What are those “badges” on your packages?

Today’s discussion will cover a little emblem that installers might have noticed, and would definitely do well to know what it is. With this information in hand, you as a customer will know how to compare the performance of installation…

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