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October 2, 2020. 5:23 PM

Not all plywood is made the same

There are many types of plywood on the market, but they are not all created equal. According to industry standards, like Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC)’s standards, plywood must be Group 1, CC-type, conforming to APA…

September 23, 2020. 8:53 PM

As Canadians catch the LVT wave, MAPEI responds with Shower System 4 LVT

At MAPEI we know the importance of presenting a superior finished product that can maintain a high aesthetic while meeting exacting standards for durability and non-slip resistance to moisture and chemical exposure. That's why we developed…

August 6, 2020. 8:37 PM

Ready! Set? Wait…

Competitive sport may not be deemed an essential service, but we think the inspiration it gives us sure is. With most international sports indefinitely halted for the bulk of 2020, MAPEI decided to touch base with some of the teams who wear our…

July 23, 2020. 8:17 PM

Uncovering Mapeheat

When MAPEI allied with nVent NUHEAT to launch the unique Mapeheat heated flooring solution last year, we were excited by the broad possibilities we knew it could bring, since it wasn’t limited to the traditional application under tile and…

July 22, 2020. 9:25 PM

Check out the new features on our revamped Website and corresponding App

For more than 80 years, construction sites all around the world have counted on MAPEI, and now our online experience even better reflects the depth of our knowledge and accessibility.  Our Projects Check out some of our amazing projects…

April 8, 2020. 2:26 AM

Polyurethane vs. Epoxy: Which System is Better on Industrial Floors?

  Are  polyurethanes  better? Are  epoxies  better? These questions have probably crossed your mind when choosing the best system for your industrial flooring job. So, which one is it? The answer is… Both…

April 8, 2020. 2:21 AM

Mapeguard UM: For the most challenging crack suppression

If you have problematic substrate conditions for crack suppression, MAPEI has the solution in its new  Mapeguard UM  underlayment membrane.   Because of its excellent properties,  Mapeguard UM  can be installed on new…

April 8, 2020. 2:17 AM

Strengthen your structure with FRP!

You most probably heard of fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) being used for bridge strengthening, building renovation, slab openings, etc. FRP technology has been used in fields such as energy, sports and the marine industry. It is still being used,…

April 8, 2020. 2:13 AM

Moisture Barriers vs. Waterproofing Membranes

With all of the products on the market today that offer moisture control in some way, selecting the correct product for the job is not always an obvious choice. When choosing these types of products, certain questions arise: What exactly are…

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