MapeLevel Easy System

MapeLevel Easy System

Lippage-control system for tiled floors and walls

Tile Lippage-Control, Edge-Leveling System Using Caps and Threaded Spacers

MapeLevel Easy System offers combinations of caps and threaded spacers for lippage control in ceramic and stone tile installations from 1/8" to 3/4" (3 to 21 mm) in thickness. MapeLevel Easy System can eliminate the effects caused by slight variations in substrates and tiles, promoting a flat tile surface. MapeLevel Easy Cap edge-leveling caps can be applied easily and quickly. MapeLevel EasyClick Cap squeeze-button caps offer an even faster application, with a built-in scratch guard. Both types of caps are reusable and feature an open-view design that allows the installer to check for proper lippage control.
  • Fast application
  • Reusable caps
  • Caps with open-view design
  • Caps can be easily separated from the spacer fragments for reuse
  • Spacer fragments are recyclable


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