Cementitious and Resin Flooring Systems
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Cement-based flooring systems
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Mapecolor™ CPU
Pigment Powder for Coloring Mapefloor™ CPU Screeds

Mapecolor CPU is a pigment in powder form that is used to color MAPEI’s polyurethane-cement-based ...
Mapecolor™ Paste
Pigment Paste for Coloring Mapefloor™ CPU/COVE and Mapefloor CPU/TC Mapecolor Paste is a product in paste form that is used to color the polyurethane/cement-based ...
Mapefloor™ CPU/COVE
Multi-Component, Polyurethane/Cement-Based Coving and Detailing Screed

Mapefloor CPU/COVE is a multi-component, polyurethane/cement-based screed ...
Mapefloor™ CPU/HD
Multi-Component, Heavy-Duty, Polyurethane/Cement-Based Screed with Thermal Shock Resistance

Mapefloor CPU/HD is a multi-component, heavy-duty, polyurethane/cement-based ...
Mapefloor™ CPU/MF
Multi-Component, Medium- to Heavy-Duty, Self-Leveling, Polyurethane/Cement-Based Screed

Mapefloor CPU/MF is a multi-component, medium- to heavy-duty, ...
Mapefloor™ CPU/RT
Multi-Component, Easy-to-Trowel, Polyurethane/Cement-Based Screed

Mapefloor CPU/RT is a multi-component, easy-to-trowel, polyurethane/cement-based ...
Mapefloor™ CPU/SB
Multi-Component, High-Strength, Self-Leveling Polyurethane/Cement-Based Screed

Mapefloor CPU/SB is a multi-component, polyurethane/cement-based ...
Mapefloor™ CPU/TC
Multi-Component, Polyurethane/Cement-Based Coating for Horizontal and Vertical Finishes

Mapefloor CPU/TC is a multi-component, polyurethane/cement-based ...
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