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MAPEI Tech Talk is a blog devoted to the flooring and construction industry. It is updated on a regular basis by the social media team at MAPEI Americas, and it will feature guest bloggers occasionally as we provide you with viewpoints from across the industry.
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Shawn is a Regional Technical Representative at MAPEI Inc. and is based at its Delta, British Columbia, facility. He provides technical assistance, training and general advice on all of MAPEI’s product lines to users across western Canada.
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June 21, 2019 - 16.54
This self-leveler eliminates the need to prime
by Shawn Millman
Polyplan RSL being applied over Planiseal® VS epoxy moisture barrier
What if you could clean and prepare a substrate quickly for a self-leveler, skipping straight to the mixing and pouring of the leveling product? No paint rollers. No scrubbing. No messy, wasted  paint roller covers, brushes or sponges. No sitting and watching paint dry, so to speak. What if you could just grind/sand/roughen the floor (as necessary), sweep, vacuum and level?
Enter MAPEI’s persistence in coming up with innovative, high-performing products that make the installer’s job easier. MAPEI now offers a self-leveling underlayment that streamlines the installation, and doesn’t compromise on bond, durability or the smoothness of its surface. Work smarter, not harder… right?
The product I am discussing is Polyplan RSL. For many installation products, including self-leveling underlayments, added polymer is their “secret sauce.”  It adds product characteristics and boosts product performance. Usually polymer is a spray dried ingredient added to powder inside the bag, but MAPEI uses the tried and tested technique of incorporating high-quality, liquid polymer into Polyplan RSL. Those in the industry often refer to a liquid polymer component as the “milk.” It’s really not a bad analogy… As with powdered milk, the spray-dried version of polymer is not as good as the original liquid form. The bond strength and durability of liquid polymer surpass that of spray-dried polymer.
Polyplan RSL utilizes the same powder-and-liquid, 2-component performance advantage that MAPEI systems such as Kerabond/Keralastic, Granirapid® and Planipatch®/Planipatch Plus® are known for. With Polyplan RSL, this allows for application over semi-porous and nonporous substrates without priming. Suitable substrates include MAPEI epoxy moisture barriers, tile, terrazzo and sandblasted steel decking. Porous substrates like concrete will still require a primer to prevent pinholes and aid in flow of the leveler.
Polyplan RSL consists of 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) of powder and 1 U.S. gal. (3.79 L) of liquid. No water is used in the mixing process. Therefore, this product is a good consideration wherever the common source of water is unsuitable, questionable or inaccessible (such as remote locations, and worksites that are on well water). The drying time is 2 hours before tile can be installed, and 3 hours before installing moisture-sensitive flooring or more self-leveler. Its maximum application depth is 1/2 inch (12 mm).
I hope that you find this information to be useful when considering which MAPEI self-leveling underlayment product to use on future projects. 
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