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Sustainability is built into everything we do

Sustainability has long been the distinguishing feature of MAPEI’s operating and production systems. This is why MAPEI publishes a Sustainability Report, aimed at sharing its environmental, social and economic performance and also its continual commitment to improvement.

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2.5 billion dollars earned [2.5 billion euros], 10,277 employees and 83 operating subsidiaries all over the world. These are the figures with which MAPEI Group closed another positive year, a reflection of the latest among the countless achievements reached during this long path of growth, which started back in 1937.

And after more than 80 years of doing business, MAPEI Group proved once again in 2018 that it is still able to keep up with the times and that, over the years, it has not lost its ability to embrace changes in the market and to intercept and anticipate our clients’ needs, by providing cutting-edge and high-quality solutions.

The key to this constant success and continuous growth is the integrity and perseverance that have always been our Group’s distinguishing features. In fact, in all these years, we have remained true to ourselves and to our values: Commitment, professionalism, passion, transparency and competitiveness. These values have guided MAPEI step by step, reaffirming year after year the Company’s reputation and leading role at an international level.

The fluctuating trends in the building industry have led to us having to reshape our way of “doing business.” Internationalization, Specialization, and Research and Development have been joined by a new, fundamental cornerstone, Sustainability, which represents an essential driver behind the continuous growth of our company and a fundamental requirement for the efficiency of any production system.

This is why, driven by the will to be an example of a proactive approach and leader in our sector, we pay more and more attention to the sustainability of our products. Fully aware of being able to provide a substantial contribution [to the sustainability effort], as a Group we have a duty to put ourselves on the frontline of this challenge: To create a more sustainable building industry.

This implies investing more and more resources in the creation of innovative products that can help increase the sustainability of those buildings in which they will be applied, thereby minimizing their impact on the local environment and safeguarding the health of those who live in them.

This commitment in the field of product sustainability does not deflect our attention away from all the other environmental and social initiatives in which MAPEI is involved and in which for decades the Group has shown initiative and enthusiasm, meeting all its stakeholders’ interests.


Our main priorities remain the creation of a work environment that is safe, friendly and comfortable for all our employees, monitoring the impact of our production processes on the environment and the control of raw materials. That is, we focus on developing solutions that reduce consumption of virgin materials and, where possible, choosing only to use recycled substances in the actual production.

Also noteworthy is the attention that the Group pays toward those outside our Company and to all those who interact with MAPEI. We provide a well-organized system of assistance, support and training to our clients and co-workers, while we actively organize events, funding and donations for the community, be it in the sports, cultural events or educational fields.

I believe it is crucial to remember that seeking to create a sustainable business cannot be limited to a single activity, area or time. It has to be a growing and intensifying approach over the years that evolves to meet all stakeholders’ ever-changing needs. So, being committed to sustainability means innovating, facing challenges, being curious and willing – all the qualities and characteristics on which our Group was founded.

And it is in this respect, being fully aware that “any undisclosed results were never reached in the first place,” we proudly present our Sustainability Report.

Giorgio Squinzi

CEO Emeritus


Sustainability figures

All figures refer to the entire MAPEI Group


Million euros
distributed to
stakeholders in 2020


Of turnover in 2020 came from
products with formulations
less than three years old


Million euros
invested on R&D in 2020


Hours of technical training


Participants in technical
training in 2020
Total offset of CO2 emissions from KERAFLEX MAXI S1 ZERO during its life cycle, by purchasing credits through the "wind based power generation" project in India


Hours of training
for employees
(11.8 hours per capita)


Employees in 2020
(+5% from 2018)


Incident rate in 2020
(-23% compared to 2019)


New employees
in 2020


Fewer employee resignations
in 2020


Of employees with a permanent
work contract


Million euros contributed
for sporting, cultural
and social initiatives

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