Fiberglass Mesh

For Mapelastic™, Mapelastic 315, Mapelastic HPG and Mapelastic Smart Waterproofing Products

MAPEI’s Fiberglass Mesh is a ready-to-use, thin, strong yet flexible alkali-resistant mesh for embedment with waterproofing and crack-isolation membranes, including MAPEI’s Mapelastic, Mapelastic 315, Mapelastic HPG and Mapelastic Smart on residential and commercial floors, walls and ceilings.

Fiberglass Mesh reinforces and improves the performance of MAPEI’s waterproofing membranes when applied over cracks, coves and corners and around drains on residential and commercial applications. Fiberglass Mesh can be cut to size with scissors or a razor knife, and has excellent compatibility with all MAPEI cement- or epoxy-based mortars. 

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