Kerapoxy IEG CQ

100%-Solids, Industrial-Grade Epoxy Grout with Color-Coated Quartz

Kerapoxy IEG CQ is a water-cleanable, 100%-solids epoxy grout with high chemical and stain resistance. It is a nonshrinking, nonsagging, fast-curing, efflorescence-free grout. Color-coated quartz dramatically improves its cleanability, so that Kerapoxy IEG CQ leaves very little film residue during cleanup of excess grout with a grout float. The color-coated quartz also eliminates pigment bleed, so tiles are not stained during installation.

This grout is perfectly suited for use in commercial kitchens, meat packing houses, and any commercial and institutional floors that require daily cleaning with enzymatic cleaners. Kerapoxy IEG CQ is ideal for applications where highstrength, mold- and mildew-resistant grout joints are required. In addition, it has high temperature resistance and can be steam-cleaned.

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Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Volatile Organic Compound

Color Palette

09 Gray
10 Black
113 Brick Red
47 Charcoal

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Technical documentation

Repairing Kerapoxy

Technical documentation

Grout Troubleshooting Guide

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