Mapefill 130 WT

Mapefill 130 WT

High-Flow Cementitious Grout with High Mechanical and Fatigue Performance for On-Shore Wind Turbines Anchoring

Mapefill 130 WT is a pre-blended powdered grout composed of high-strength cement, graded aggregates and special admixtures with an expansive agent.
  • Highly fluid grout with the capacity to flow into tight spaces
  • No segregation occurs, eliminating the need for vibration
  • Can be used for anchoring from 3/8" to 7-7/8" (10 mm to 200 mm) thick
  • Low-shrinkage grout in both plastic and hardened phases
  • High early mechanical performance
  • Excellent fatigue resistance and high resistance to dynamic loads
  • Accelerated hydration, resulting in high early-age compressive strength
  • Can be applied in adverse weather conditions and at temperatures as low as 35°F (2°C)

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