Planiseal MB

Planiseal MB

Moisture Barrier and Consolidating Epoxy

Planiseal MB is a 100%-solids, epoxy moisture barrier that is designed to effectively stop moisture-related problems with toppings, as well as act as a surface-consolidating epoxy.

  • Treats substrates with up to 25 lbs. (11.3 kg) MVER per ASTM F1869 and/or relative humidity (RH) up to 100% per ASTM F2170
  • Low viscosity allows it to penetrate into the substrate, consolidating and tightly bonding surfaces to substrates.
  • Low odor and VOC compliance for use in interior, occupied environments
  • Single-coat applicability means faster turnaround and lower installation costs.
  • Extended working time allows trapped air to escape and ensures film integrity.
  • Alkaline-resistance-tested for prolonged exposure to a pH of 14 per ASTM D1308 with no effect on Planiseal MB
  • Cost-effective protection against the most severely MVER-challenged substrates
  • Deep penetration into substrate provides a strong, consolidating effect.

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