Auckland City Council Community Basketball Courts

Location icon New Zealand
Mapei NZ in conjunction with our trained Mapei TNS applicators 'Park-Life' and the Auckland City Council have recently completed a number of community basketball courts around the Auckland region. The requirement from the council was for a very hard wearing court surface that would not only provide resistance against hard skateboard and scooter wheels, but would also provide an excellent playing surface characterised by perfect bounce of the ball and safe, secure changes in direction for players. After evaluating all of the requirements from the stakeholders, the Mapecoat TNS Extreme was selected as the perfect solution. The Mapecoat TNS Extreme is a waterbased epoxy coating specifically designed for urban environments and is characterised by its very high level of resistance to traffic of all types and its high level of durability - all essential features when creating lanes, paths and sports courts for high use community environments. Great installation by Park- Life who are the experts at creating amazing spaces that keep communities fit and social.
Ref #: 24032020


Yard Community Basketball Courts
Location New Zealand
Subcategory Cultural Center, Sport Center, Sport Field
Application The courts were applied on to new green concrete with no DPM so Planiseal MR in two coats was used to provide a moisture barrier.
Start and finish date 2020
Application Type Products for Sports Flooring
Client Auckland City Council
Contractor company Park-Life
Installer companies Tim Endersby
Photographer Petra Leary (Drone Photography)
MAPEI Coordinator Scott Lacey

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