JW Marriott Miami Hotel

Location icon Miami, USA
Ref #: 5840


Yard facades
Location Miami, USA
Subcategory Hotel/Inn
Built in 2000
Opened in 2000
Application supply of products for concrete repair and painting
Start and finish date 2000/2016
Application Type WALL COVERINGS
Client Marriott International, Inc
Contractor company Diversified Construction & Restoration
Installer companies Diversified Construction & Restoration
Architects Marriott International, Inc.
Specialists involved Swaysland Professional Engineering Consultants, Arnold Beltran, Director of Engineering
MAPEI Distributor National Waterproofing Supply
Photographer Raul Ballester
Project Manager Emerson Barahona
MAPEI Coordinator Carlos Hernandez - CRS

Products used for the project

Elastocolor Coat
Elastocolor Coat
Water-Based, High-Build, 100%-Acrylic, Waterproof Coating Elastocolor Coat is a…
Elastocolor Flex
Elastocolor Flex
Water-Based, 100%-Acrylic, Elastomeric Waterproof Coating Elastocolor Flex is…
Elastocolor Paint
Elastocolor Paint
Water-Based, 100%-Acrylic, High-Quality Coating Elastocolor Paint is a…
Elastocolor Primer WB
Elastocolor Primer WB
Water-Based, 100%-Acrylic Primer for Elastocolor Coatings Elastocolor Primer WB…
Mapefer 1K
Mapefer 1K
Corrosion-Inhibiting Coating for Reinforcing Steel Mapefer 1K is a…
Planitop 12 SR
Planitop 12 SR
Sulfate-Resistant, Vertical, Overhead and Horizontal Repair Mortar with Silica…

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