MAPEI and Three Rivers Protection & Overflow Reduction Tunnel (3RPORT)

Location icon Fort Wayne, USA
Ref #: 234234


Yard The tunnel has an approximate length of 24,500 feet (7.47 km)
Location Fort Wayne, USA
Subcategory Tunnel
Built in 2018
Opened in 2021
Application MAPEI’s Underground Tunnel Team (UTT) of experts helped with the tunneling operations and concrete repairs for the overflow of sewage and the cleanup of Fort Wayne’s rivers.
Start and finish date 2018/2022
Application Type Products for Underground Construction (UTT), ROADING
Client City of Fort Wayne, Indiana
Contractor company Salini-Lane Healy
MAPEI Coordinator James Pinkley, Dr. Cristina Oñate and Tanner Murt

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Products used for the project

Epojet LV
Epojet LV
Very Low-Viscosity, Epoxy Injection Resin for Crack Repair Epojet LV is a…
Mapecure DR and Mapecure DR 1D
Mapecure DR and Mapecure DR 1D
Water-Based, Dissipating-Resin Curing Compounds Mapecure DR and Mapecure DR 1D…
Planitop 12 SR
Planitop 12 SR
Sulfate-Resistant, Vertical, Overhead and Horizontal Repair Mortar with Silica…
Planitop 18
Planitop 18
Very Rapid-Hardening Repair Mortar Planitop 18 is a very rapid-hardening repair…
Resfoam SS 75
Resfoam SS 75
Rigid, Hydrophobic Polyurethane Grout  for Soil Stabilization Resfoam SS 75 is…

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